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Cost Effective
Uniform Application
Soil Compaction

Low Depreciation
Product Versatility

Environmentally Friendly





Mayfield Enterprises is a supplier of high quality, fully portable fertilizer and nematicide applicators and dispensers. Here are a number of reasons why our products have been so successful:
Cost effective
Low operating costs, particularly in developing countries where labour is more cost effective than mechanical application. The Mayfield products are the most competitive in the market for manual fertilizer application, which allows for maximizing the productivity of labour.
Uniform Application
Hand application methods are generally inaccurate and not uniform in application. The Mayfield products considerably reduce human error and allows for the uniform and accurate application of fertilizer. This in turn reduces management and supervision of manual application and ensures improved returns through better crop production and yields.
Soil Compaction
This is becoming a major consideration in agriculture where repeated traffic of mechanical implements leads to soil compaction resulting in poorer crop productivity. Manual application assists in alleviating this situation.
Lands become saturated and impassable by mechanical means due to heavy rains, or where crop height precludes mechanical application. The Mayfield products are not constrained by any of these factors and can play a critical role in fertilization where mechanical application is impossible or impractical. This gives rise to our slogan: "Where you can walk you can use a Mayfield"
Low Depreciation
A minimal investment in durable products made from tough, rust resistant materials, resulting in low depreciation with maximum return on the investment.
The ability to be used in steep areas. The Mayfield products can be used in steep areas e.g. where the terrain is such that mechanical application is impossible due to the gradient of the land.
Product Versatility
Mayfield attachment options are interchangeable with the various knapsacks.
Product Advantages from a Government Perspective:
Create sustained employment with the use of effective manual fertilizer
application equipment.
Improve food production potential and productivity through the efficient and
cost effective manual application of fertilizers.
Improved viability of sustainable small farmer projects through effective use
of technology.
Affordable and accessible fertilizer application technology to support low-cost
farming and ensure sustained growth and improved productivity.
Limit health hazard potential associated with the physical contact with

Environmentally friendly - low carbon footprint.



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