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Mayfield Enterprises (Mayfield) is situated near Stanger on the KwaZulu Natal North Coast. Mayfield was established in 1983 to provide an ergonomic and cost effective knapsack fertilizer applicator to manually apply fertilizer to sugarcane crops.
Typically, manual fertilizer application is applied using tins or by physical hand application to the crop rows. These methods are inaccurate and uneconomical, and can result in health hazards associated with the physical contact with fertilizer.
The product concept was developed to improve productivity and accuracy of manual fertilizer application on Mayfield Farm. The product proved so effective, it was patented in 1983 and successfully applied throughout the sugar belt of the KwaZulu Natal Coast.
Mayfield has recently been acknowledged with the “Innovation Award” at the annual South African International Sugar Association Conference 2005 for the impact and contribution the Mayfield Knapsack Fertilizer has made over the years to the South Africa sugar industry.
The Mayfield Fertilizer Applicator (the Applicator) is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably as a knapsack on the operator’s back. The knapsack holds the fertilizer, which is applied by a control device that regulates the flow of fertilizer at the required rate of application. The Mayfield Applicator allows for improved labour productivity, greater accuracy and uniformity in application, and does not require any physical contact with the fertilizer material by the operator.
Since 1997 the Applicator has been diversified and new applicator product lines designed that can be applied across the agricultural spectrum.
Mayfield Products are currently the most accurate and cost effective means to apply fertilizer manually. Current Mayfield Products available include:
Mayfield Granule Fertilizer Knapsack Applicators – a poly bag or
plastic tank type with single or double row configuration.
Mayfield Granule Fertilizer or Nematicide Knapsack Dispensers – 0.4
to 4 grams, 5 to 25 grams or 20 to 300 grams.
Mayfield Tobacco Topping Gun.
Mayfield Spot Spray Gun.
Mayfield Lever Arm Dispenser.

These products are a cost effective and productive means of applying fertilizer in a non-mechanised environment. They are particularly relevant in low cost, developing agriculture.



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